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Westpac Champion Business Awards 2018

Here's another episode of the Westpac Champion Business Awards for 2018 with this years being a massive 21.5m wide by 6m high 3.9mm LED screen as the focal point of the stage design. We added some large triangular Pixel Mapped LED strip archways to complete the look.

With the theme based on origami and the tagline "Shaping the Future" we decided to break from the norm and get away from a boring old rectangle. By angling the edges in the content and keeping the negative space black the non used areas disappeared into the drape behind. And with some subtle soft shadowing we created a picture with a lot of depth that had people scratching there head as to how it was being done. 


130sqm of 3.9mm LED

21.5m wide x 6m high


Horncastle Arena, Christchurch

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