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Pixel offers a range of services in the live events industry. We pride ourselves on the visual impact of an event and can cater to your needs big or small.

The old adage says a picture tells a thousand words. At Pixel we couldn’t agree more. For us it all starts with the visual design of your event. We strive to deliver a look with a difference and we specialise in High Quality 3D renders of design concepts for your events. This paints a clearer picture of what to expect and helps us sell our ideas. It also helps us and you to resolve issues earlier in the process with everyone having a clear understanding of the look and feel. These can be still images of a couple of different angles. Or even video fly through's to give you a better sense of perspective and depth.

Equipment Supply

We have a wide array of equipment to suit your needs. We offer industry standard equipment across the range at a competitive price. Whether your event is big or small, please contact us to discuss your needs in detail. 

We stock the largest quantity of LED screen in the South Island. From high resolution indoor to medium resolution outdoor, we can supply something to suit the needs of your event and budget. 

Event Logistics

We not only supply the best equipment for your event, we also manage the logistics and deliver the technical services to ensure the best and smoothest time possible for your guests. We work with you to deliver your wishes right through the process from planning to delivery. We ensure that your event comes off on time and on budget with maximum impact. 

As well as supplying you with an engaging stage design we can also provide a high impact and vibrant feast for the eyes to display on screen. We have the studio and equipment to create beautiful custom 2D and 3D content for backdrops, awards looks, performance pieces and more. We can work through the process of creation with you and even display back on a stage simulation the looks and layouts on even the most complicated stage designs before even setting foot in the venue.

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