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Les Miserable - New Plymouth Operatic

We were asked to supply a high resolution screen that could be flown in and out on the theatre's counterweighted fly system. We supplied our new carbon fibre 3.9mm screen at 60sqm weighing just 1000kg. 


We custom designed all the video content for this show, utilising a combination of techniques including recolouring early black and white photographs of Parisian streets and various matte painting techniques to give the set more diversity than it had without. 

This enabled the viewer to not just rely on lighting or small scattering of props to tell them they were in a different location than before. But to actually see it, cost effectively and to give a surreal depth to what is a very shallow stage. 


8.5m x 7m of 3.9mm Carbon Fibre screen.

Watchout media servers.

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